Flat pin series technical parameter

technical requirement

1、Appearance: A、 Gold plated w/o rime fog 、spot、black point、 burns、bruise、 phosphor exposure、 skip plating etc. phenomenon

                      B、Color difference: no color difference in the same one lot

                        C、color lustre : coat in the good lustre

                        D、Tin coat w/o rime fog、 stain、bruise etc. phenomenon.

                        E、flat pin w/o deformed after electro plated.

2、Binding force: get a row of flat pin, bend them 90 degree and rebound, repeat this action per 2mm, then using tape to peel the same face or observe under the 10X magnifying glass, no coat peel off.

3、toughness: bend the pin 90 degree twice, no break.  

4、Solderability: Do the soldering test after steam aging test, observe under the 10X~30X magnifying glass, the tin fraction of coverage is more than 95%.

5、IR furnace: the products is w/o deforming, bumble, and color fading etc. abnormal. (just for some special requested products)

6、Salt spray test(5% NaCl liquor):  G/F~6u’ should pass the 24H test, and 15~50u’ should pass the 48H test. Full Tin plated products pass 8hours’ test.

Storage environment

storage temperature:  below 35℃

storage humidity : within 55%



spec:  C5191/C5210 phosphor bronze

Toughness: Bend the pin 90 degree 2.5 times, no break.

Material bending :  arch height ≤2mm   two sides of material tape turn up ≤10mm, no curve, wave shape and S shape.






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