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GOLD WIRE series

GOLD WIRE series technical parameter

technical requirement

1、Appearance: well-proportioned gold color, no rime fog on the coating, no spot, no black point, no bruise, no bending etc. phenomenon.

2、Binding force: self -reeling 360 degree test, no checking

3、Chord height: fetch 30-40cm gold wire on the paper, measure the chord length ≥29.5cm

4、Solderability: Dip the gold wire into solder machine ( soldering tin temperature 245±5℃), 3-5 sec after, the surface of gold wire under the 10X magnifying glass should be bright, and absorb tin more than 95%, w/o needle hole and wrinkle etc.

5、Resistance: fetch gold wire 4cm, test the conduct resistance ≤35mΩ

6、Salty spray test (5% NaCl liquor): G/F~6u’ should pass the 24H test, and 15~50u’ should pass the 48H test.

Storage environment

storage temperature:  below 35℃

storage humidity : within 55%


spec: C5100 phosphor bronzeφ0.46

strength of extension: 830-910Mpa

resistance: ≤26mΩ/40mm

single side bending times : ≥3.5 times





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