Hard gold series
produce as customer requested

Barrel gold plating series technical parameter

Technical requirements

1、Appearance: A、no yellow, black, white point, no water, oil stain, no skip plating etc. on the surface

                        B、 no bruise

                        C、 no stack, deform, bent peg etc.

2、 binding force: bending the products, no coat peeling off.

3、IR furnace: the products is w/o deforming, bumble, and color fading etc. abnormal. (just for some special requested products)

4、 Solderability : Do the soldering test after steam aging test, observe under the 10X~30X magnifying glass, the tin fraction of coverage is more than 95%.

5、Salt spray test(5% NaCl liquor): Nickel or Tin plated products pass 8hours’ test.


Storage environment

storage temperature:  below 35℃

storage humidity : within 55%



spec: brass, phosphor bronze








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