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        Company implements CEO systems. CEO in the Administration as the highest responsibility in the management of the company who is responsible for the survival and development of the company. Various functional departments of the company clear responsibilities, clear work processes and functions together to create platforms, creating value for customers, improve market competitiveness and customer satisfaction.

        With the increase of company products, perfection of the marketing team structure, as well as adapt to the company's future market development, according to the principle of the Trinity of research and development, marketing, manufacturing operations, sales organization structure adjusted to the studio, the marketing team (product marketing representative), the structure of regional offices and other organizations.

      Company research and development center dedicated to communication connectors in the field of product research and development. Based on our  plug/RJ11/ RJ45, RJ45 transformer, USB/HDMI product development team, in 2014 and 2015, respectively, the company set up a high-speed I/O and optical interconnection product development the two teams. High speed I/O research team is responsible for high speed data interface connector, Storage module connector and power connector of research and development. Optical interconnect research and development team is responsible for optical adapters, connectors, wire jumpers, MPO, AOC optical interconnection products, such as research and development. Company's research and Development Center could do analysis by CAE, such as structural analysis, mold flow analysis, signal integrity, thermal analysis, and so on. In the field of data transmission/communication connector, our company had clear product objective and followed the forefront of industry Research and development team will uphold the belief in innovation, communicate with customers, to make high quality customer service. 

    Technical Centre is committed to production technology research and development. It owns Mold design, automation and production three divisions. Technical Center mold Department, with high precision stamping mould, metal mold, plastic mold design and manufacturing capabilities, accumulated rather deep technical experience in plastic multi-cavity molding, Small eyelet punching, Insert Molding mold,. Technology Center Automation Division at this stage widely using photoelectric detection, CCD detection technology to ensure the product quality, and set higher standards to security of the automatic machine, noise, efficiency and energy consumption. Technology Center combined demands on cost & quality, made reasonable production guidelines to enhance product competitiveness, also improve customers satisfaction.

       Company production centers based on parts/product type/nature to arrange production, using group technology with other ones, to improve production efficiency , also lower production costs and ensure the quality of product in a most effective way.